Fables #155

DC Comics

Written by Bill Willingham

Art by Mark Buckingham

Inks by Steve Leialoha

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: The children continue their adventures as Greenjack discovers a new world.

One of the children returns from his adventure in the woods and his story gives both Bigby and Snow hope that their other children are finding their own adventures to be relatively easy. While one starts learning some difficult lessons about being a hero, another will unleash something unknown back into the magical world.

In the mundane world, the military attempts to find a way to control the magical world in their midst and receives an unexpected visitor who offers to help. At the same time, Greenjack continues her adventures in the world as she hunts a potential threat that might be closer than she thinks.

The Story: The story is becoming more intriguing with each issue. There are some great character development within it and the potential threat continues to add tension to the story. I like that the world is expanding in new and interesting ways and look forward to seeing how that expansion connects each of the characters.

The Art: Buckingham delivers some great art in the issue. The composition of the panels is beautiful and I love the style and how it differentiates the magical from the mundane.

Fables #155



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