Extermination #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Pepe Larraz

Colors by Marte Garcia

Letters by Joe Sabino

A mystery figure appears in New York of the future and finds himself at the ruins of the Xavier Institute walking among the corpses of dead X-Men. In the present, the young X-Men, stuck in the present, rescue a mutant boy and girl who can’t seem to remember who they are, where they came from or how they ended up in an alley in Chicago speaking French. After taking them to the Institute, they decide to break up for the evening and enjoy the city. With Bobby at a show and Bloodstorm and Cyclops on a date, everything is fine until Ahab attacks the couple and severely wounds Bloodstorm.

Bobby is also attacked and is rescued from the mystery figure from the opening of the issue by Cable. It looks like the young X-Men are the target in this issue and the mystery figure is willing to do use whatever force it wants to stop Cable and secure Bobby. The force used and the tragedy that follows brings out the young X-Men, Rachel Summers, Nightcrawler and an angry adult Jean Grey who is determined to find out who murdered her son. It’s a pretty intense moment for all of the characters, especially Scott, both Jeans and Rachel. The moment doesn’t let up when the next scene shows who actually took Bobby and what his plan is for the rest of the mutants.

I tend to be worried about X-Men events, especially recently. They can be hit or miss as far as achieving something new and interesting story wise as well as something that can be character building for the mutants. At their best, they affirm what we love about the characters and expands them in a way that adds a new dimension to their story. At their worst, it’s another mutant vs mutant conflict that doesn’t do anything other than showcase a new or forgotten villain and lead to a “shocking” death. Brisson does a good job of drawing the reader in with this first issue and its story. I like that he gave characters moments to connect with what is happening from a family level. It makes me interested in how the Summers’ deal with what happened together.

The art is great and I loved pretty much every panel in this book. There are some great shots that give the reader a visceral reaction and some subtle ones that allow for emotional connection. My favorite ones are the subtle ones like Scott kneeling next to Cable, Rachel breaking down and Jean’s determination. A really good book that has a lot of potential in front of it.

Extermination #1




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