Castle Rock


Season 1 Episode 6


The secrets that have been haunting Henry Deaver are coming to light in this episode. After Alan makes a deal with the Kid that requires him to leave Castle Rock to find something the Kid needs to cure Ruth, Henry welcomes his son Wendell to town for a visit with the boy’s grandmother. The Kid has been learning more and more about Henry after discovering a stash of video tapes made by Henry’s father of their excursions into the woods. Excursions that Henry doesn’t remember and Ruth seems to know even less about.

Eventually, he speaks to Molly, who is still receiving visions. She reveals exactly what happened the night Henry’s father died, her hand in it and how Henry was connected. It’s a tense scene that highlights the connection that Henry and Molly share as well as how huge the mystery behind Henry’s disappearance actually is. Henry is determined to find answers and travels into the woods, following the path laid out in the tapes. Unfortunately, he’s not alone in the woods.

More tension is building in the series overall and especially in this episode. Alan’s mission to retrieve an object connected to both the Kid and the dead Warden pushes the former sheriff to make some desperate choices. Henry’s journey in the woods brings him together with some people who know more about him than he thinks and have secrets of their own. Secrets that might just explain what happened to Henry when he first disappeared. Everything that happens to Henry in the woods is amazing to watch and Andre Holland is great in those moments where he has to emote fear and doubt.

There is so much going on in this episode and the ending was shocking and disturbing. It definitely gave new context to who or what the Kid is and opens up a brand new mystery about Ruth. Sissy Spacek is amazing in this episode and her performance is spot on in her interactions with Wendell. Scott Glenn is awesome as well and portrays Alan Pangborn with a desperation that increases the drama of everything he does to protect Ruth. What happens at the end of the episode left me reeling and wanting to know what happens next.

Castle Rock S01XE06




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