exorsisters-2_19c1e24ff9Exorsisters #2

Image Comics

Written by Ian Boothby

Art by Gisele Lagace

Colors by Pete Pantazis

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The sins of the mother are visited on the daughter in the second issue of Exorsisters.

The sisters find themselves on another job as a frightened mother calls them to help her daughter who is being menaced by her possessed father. After taking out the demon taking over the father’s body, the sisters have another problem to deal with; their mother.


The circumstances that led to the creation of Cate and Kate. Cate’s mother entered the workforce after her husband left and unfortunately, the only job she could get was one selling candles to her friends and family. Unbeknownst to Cate’s mother, the candles are a gateway to the user selling his or her soul. When the bill comes due for her, she makes a decision that changes her life and the her daughter’s forever. After Cate’s backstory is revealed, her mother finally gets to the real reason that she is there.

This new issue not only becomes more interesting with the reveal of the sisters’ backstory, but there is some interesting and evolving drama with Cate’s mother that I am engaged in exploring. Boothby manages to blend serious family drama with a light tone and it works.

Lagace’s art continues to be incredibly well suited to both this story and its tone. I enjoyed the details in the character designs as well as the backgrounds and the art really helped move the story along.

Exorsisters #2




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