Eve Stranger #4

IDW Publishing

Written by David Barnett

Art by Philip Bond

Colors by Eva de la Cruz

Letters by Jane Heir

Eve has been sent to London for a mission that could change her forever.

Eve’s next mission will send her to London. She has mixed feelings about her next mission which will require her to murder a baby before she apparently grows into a dictator. Her conflicted feelings worry her handler Jimmy and the two of them wonder who they really work for.


When Eve confronts the baby and her mother, she discovers another side of the story. One that includes the baby’s racist, abusive father.

The Story: This issue has Eve dealing with her most complicated and morally dubious mission yet. While many of her missions deal with the ridiculous and often times amusing, this one is more serious. Adding in elements of Eve’s past and the contrast between her story and the mission she’s been sent on is a great plot point. Even with the more personal stakes, David Barnett makes the story interesting and engaging. The story is building to an intriguing conclusion and I continue to be interested in this character, her world and what happens next for her.

The Art: Philip Bond delivers some beautiful art in this issue. From the characters to the detailed backgrounds, this issue is visually stunning and engaging.

Eve Stranger #4




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