STL127326Aquaman #51

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by Robson Rocha

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Sunny Gho

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Everyone is trying to find a new normal both above and below the sea while an unknown threat grows under their noses.


Arthur picks up Jackson from jail and escorts him somewhere he can be of use. He wants Arthur to know that he isn’t his father and wants to train under him. Unfortunately, Arthur doesn’t really need a sidekick and sets the young man to work helping to re-settle the displaced Old Gods of the sea in their new home. As the work is completed and everyone settles in for a meal and some stories, a creature from beneath the depths springs forward to wreak havoc.

In Atlantis, the preparations for Mera’s wedding continue and the Queen has no small amount of pleasure in making things more difficult and lengthy than they need to be. Her advisor knows what she is doing marrying Vulko, but Mera is determined to do things her own way and at her own pace.

Meanwhile, Lex shows Black Manta the gift he has brought for the mercenary and revealed how it will not only kill Aquaman, but also bring him closer to someone he lost.

The Story: This was a great, relatively quiet story that sets up the characters in new circumstances and dynamics that are poised to change for the worst. Kelly Sue DeConnick paces this story brilliantly as the story moves the characters forward in the present, touches on events from the past that are coming again and eyes an unknown future for Arthur, Mera and everyone in Amnesty Bay. A great story with an awesome epilogue.

The Art: Robson Rocha delivers some beautiful and detailed art in this issue. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds look amazing.

Aquaman #51




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