Eve-Stranger-01Eve Stranger #2

IDW Publishing

Written by David Barnett

Art by Philip Bond

Colors by Eva de la Cruz

Letters by Jane Heir

The Rundown: Eve still doesn’t know why she keeps waking up with no memory, but there are people around her that know way more than they’re telling and are closer to her than she thinks.


Eve is on another mission that she can’t understand, but leans into anyway as the note she writes for herself continues to lay out the details of what she needs to know. Her new mission takes her to Barcelona and the company of an interesting and unusual benefactor. At the same time, the people behind the Eve Project are lining up her next mission and showing what happens when potential clients cross the line.

In the aftermath of her mission, her handler Jimmy arrives and we learn that there is something between the two of them that only he remembers, but Eve seems to realize. As he keeps his feelings for her close to the vest, the demands of her new mission will take her to Russia for a mission that will require a jetpack to complete.

The Story: Eve’s adventures and the conspiracy behind her memory loss and job continue to be intriguing for the reader. David Barnett deftly mixes intrigue and humor to deliver an experience for the reader that is fun and engaging. Eve’s world is interesting to see and her dynamic with Jimmy is one that I want to see explored as well its consequences.

The Art: Philip Bond’s art is great. There is so much Bond delivers visually with the characters and their expressions and the style is perfectly matched to the this story.

Eve Stranger #2




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