ErrandBoys_01-1Errand Boys #1

Image Comics

Written by D.J. Kirkbride

Art by Nikos Koutsis

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

Jace Lopaz is always on the run from something. As an errand boy, he is tasked with picking up items and delivering them to clients. Something Jace is only marginally successful at, he finds himself in trouble as he attempts to steal an item for his new client and ruins them in the process. In the midst of his misadventure, Jace’s partner and sometimes girlfriend leaves him and he gets some bad news about his father and stepmother.


Jace finds himself the guardian of his teenage half-brother and not only having to deal with a kid deep in despair at his loss, but also having to find a way to incorporate this kid into his dangerous, and not exactly legal, way of life.

The first issue of Errand Boys is fun. It starts at a fast pace and manages to inject character, charm and humor into the story in a way that makes the reader care about and become interested in both Jace and his world. Kirkbride manages to construct an interesting world for this character to inhabit and the other characters in this issue make the story more immersive. The lovable scoundrel character will always be instantly appealing and the world being created can give that character type room to thrive.

Nikos Koutsis has some amazing art in this issue and I found myself in awe of the amount of detail that was put on the page. I love the style of each panel and the way the art helps to move the story along pacing wise. This was definitely a first issue that grabbed my attention and made me interested in seeing what happens next.

errand boys #1




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