batman-56-preview-coverBatman #56

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Tony S Daniel

Inks by Tony S Daniel and Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The man who shot Nightwing has made his way home. KGBeast has decided to visit his father in Russia and the two have some things to discuss. Batman has some things to discuss as well, especially with the gun store owner who sold KGBeast the weapon he used. After getting the answers that he needs, he and Alfred discuss what to do next and there is definitely a fire lit under the Dark Knight to get answers and find Anatoli.


As Batman cuts a swath of violence and vengeance around the world to get the answers he seeks, Anatoli decides to tie up some loose personal ends. Bruce’s journey takes him to some interesting places and with some even more interesting targets as he finally gets the answers he needs. As KGBeast comes to terms with his father and the way he was raised, Batman is hot on his heels and the two are gearing up for a confrontation that one or both of them might not walk away from.

King does a good job of increasing the tension in this story as well as focusing on the characters. The pacing was a little slow, but there was an advantage to it. Slowing down the pace allows for the detective aspects of Batman to come through and it helps to make KGBeast a more interesting and layered character. All of the tension seems to be building to something intriguing considering the outcome of their last engagement.

Tony S Daniel continues to impress with the art in this issue and I continue to be impressed with the contrast between the panels in the Batman parts of the story versus the static nine panel pages that focus on Anatoli. It does a great job of streamlining the story in a way to invoked emotion from me whenever those scenes changed.

batman #56




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