681560._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Elvira Mistress of the Dark #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by David Avallone

Art by Dave Acosta

Colors by Andrew Covalt

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Elvira finds herself in some familiar territory as she’s filming a B horror flick. Something that she has delighted audiences in both presenting and skewering for years. Right off the bat (no pun intended), we get some classic Elvira style one-liners and that immediately lets the reader know that this is going to be a fun book with some interesting stakes (I promise I’m not doing this on purpose).


After a mishap on set, production is put on hold and Elvira returns to her trailer only to find a swirling vortex emanating from an open coffin, as one does. After being pushed into the phenomenon, the voluptuous vixen is deposited in a strange house and finds herself surrounded by Percy Shelley, Lord Bryron and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly on the very night that Mary is destined to tell her most famous story. It’s an incredibly fun moment that does a great job of tying in the literary as well as campy fun of the monster genre.

The awe doesn’t last long as Mary recalls the incident that interrupted their party. A mysterious figure entered the room and took one of the guests and the three of them have been on the hunt which led to their meeting up with the Mistress of the Dark. As the mystery deepens, Elvira joins the motley crew to find their friend and what they discover puts the Double D in dark and dangerous (ok, that one was on purpose).

This was an incredibly fun book to read and it is filled with some great one-liners and the kind of gallows humor that one would expect from the character of Elvira. Avallone does a great job of setting up a fun story and an even more interesting next issue with the twist ending. Acosta’s art is great as he really captures Elvira’s unique look as well as delivers some great detailed panels. This was a really fun first issue and I would to see where this story is going next.

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