Elvira in Horrorland #4

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by David Avallone

Art by Silvia Califano and Dave Acosta

Colors by Walter Pereyra

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Elvira’s trip through a nightmare will bring her face to face with a new danger.

Elvira finds herself in a Nightmare with a familiar killer and his dreaming victim. After finding a way back to the girl’s house, Elvira is desperate to find the remote control that will get her out of the movie once and for all. Unfortunately, she’ll find that a trip to a Meta sequel will be the only place she can find it.

After finding what she was looking for, Elvira finds herself in a whole different genre with a familiar face trying to lock her down before she causes more chaos. Elvira decides to beat a hasty retreat only to find herself in a new and dangerous place.

The Story: Avallone crafts a fun, funny and surprising story in this issue. There are some great gags throughout and I continue to love the exploration of the horror genre through the eyes of Elvira who brings wit and charm to the story. I was surprised by the genre shift in the story and laughed out loud when it happened.

The Art: Califano delivers some beautifully detailed art that brilliantly captures the characters and the fun, horror inspired visuals of the environment.

Elvira in Horrorland #4



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