Elvira in Horrorland #3

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by David Avallone

Art by Silvia Califano

Colors by Walter Pereyra

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Elvira finds herself in a place where no one can hear you scream.

In deep space, members of the crew of a mining vessel find themselves unable to get back on board the ship after one of them is injured. Unfortunately, Elvira’s presence in the airlock complicates matters as well when the officer in charge refuses to break quarantine. The science officer decides to let them on board and Elvira’s seemingly unending interjections get her thrown into the brig.

After not heeding Elvira’s warnings about the alien they’ve brought on board, Elvira is released and attempts to help the dwindling crew as she continues to search for the remote that will get her out of this latest nightmare world and hopefully back to the horror of reality.

The Story: Avallone delivers a funny and entertaining story in this issue. The self referential nature of the story continues to be one of the high points with Elvira’s commentary being both biting and beautifully sarcastic. I love the breaks in the fourth wall and how the story handles them in a way that is hilarious. I love the setting and the subtle nods to plot points that could have completely changed the real movie. I cannot wait to see the next adventure.

The Art: Califano delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The character designs are great and I love how Elvira is so expressive throughout the story. It adds great humor to the plot and dialogue.

Elvira in Horrorland #3



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