The Flash

The CW

Season 5 Episode 9

Elseworlds Part 1

One of the best things the Arrowverse has done in its tenure is not shy away from the giant toy box of characters it has in the DC Comics universe as well as the rich history of shows that have featured them.


The fact that they have established the conceit that every DC Comics series we experienced happened on another Earth is a genius play and it comes into fruition in this first episode of the Elseworlds crossover. In the first few moments of the episode we see John Wesley Shipp’s Flash from the 90’s as the sole survivor of a superhero massacre that includes characters from across the DC Comics television spectrum. They even use the theme from the series as he attempts to escape.


Dr. John Deegan (Doctor Destiny in the comics) finds that his theories on curing patients at Arkham Asylum are scoffed at until he meets the Monitor, who gives him a book that will allow him to rewrite reality. As red skies and lightning storms swirl in the distance, Oliver Queen wakes up in Barry Allen’s home and finds that he is Barry, married to Iris and The Flash. At the same time, Barry is sparring with Diggle until he realizes that Dig thinks he’s Green Arrow.

There are some comical moments in their revelations, especially the fun Barry has with Olivers skills and how insufferable all of the lighthearted affection must be for Oliver as he deals with Barry’s team. In an uncharacteristic move, when Barry and Oliver try to explain to the team at STAR Labs what happened, they end up getting knocked out and locked up. I know this moment served the plot, but it was far-fetched considering the consistent weirdness they experience weekly.


After escaping and convincing Iris to let them travel to Supergirl’s Earth, they find themselves on the Kent Farm and kudos to the producers and writers for just throwing in Save Me by Remy Zero because when we saw the scene change, we were all thinking it. Kara can see who they really are and as the two of them try to formulate a plan, another DC Comics character is introduced.


When Elongated Man and Killer Frost fail to take down the rampaging robot, Cisco must travel to Kara’s Earth to retrieve Barry and Oliver to help. Kara and Clark follow and we are treated to Superman, Supergirl, Green Arrow and The Flash vs Amazo and I was giddy with childish glee. Tyler Hoechlin’s easy, joyful performance as Superman makes me want a series with him and Elizabeth Tulloch’s feisty and charming Lois Lane so much it hurts.


This was a ridiculously fun episode from start to finish both in the action and the character interactions. I cannot wait for part 2.

The Flash S05XE09




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