Edenwood #2

Image Comics

Written by Tony S. Daniel

Art by Tony S. Daniel

Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti

Letters by Nathan Kempf

The Rundown: Rion reunites with some friends as his journey puts him in the path of a dangerous demon.

Rion and his mentor, the demon hunter Bastille, find themselves waiting for a contact in New England. After falling into a trap, the pair find themselves being saved by a familiar face from Rion’s past. A familiar face that gives the young man more information about their friends and what happened to them after entering the forest.

In the present, an injured Rion finds himself being healed by a group of powerful witches who need him to live in order to access the book of information he carries. Information that could help fight the demons. Information that a powerful demon will come looking for.

The Story: Daniel continues to craft an engaging, thrilling and action-packed story in this issue. I continue to love the broad and interesting world that Daniel is creating because it feels both unique and familiar at the same time. The action is fantastic and the story has some beautifully compelling layers for both the world and the character.

The Art: Daniel delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The highly detailed and visually thrilling pages and panels grabbed my attention and made me read it multiple times to catch all of the visual details.

Edenwood #2



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