Edenwood #1

Image Comics

Written by Tony S. Daniel

Art by Tony S. Daniel

Colors by Jay David Ramos

Letters by Nathan Kempf

The Rundown: Rion tries to save the girl he loves and finds himself in the middle of a war ravaging the planet.

Most of the country has been ravaged by a war against powerful demons and a group of young friends tries to survive in one of the last places untouched by the destruction. When young Rion meets his girlfriend Adelai in the woods, the sounds of war grow closer.

When Adelai travels deeper into the forest looking for her missing dog, Rion follows and finds himself in the middle of a deadly battle and in the service of a demon hunter that teaches him about the dark world he’s now a part of.

The Story: Tony S. Daniel crafts a strange, trippy and engaging first issue that creates an interesting new world to explore. The story takes some dark turns throughout and delivers some great drama and interesting characters. I have a lot of questions about this world and Daniel leaves enough mystery within the first issue to make me curious enough to read on.

The Art: Tony S. Daniel delivers some beautifully detailed and often brilliantly brutal art throughout the issue. The visuals capture the eye and imagination while also bringing the reader deeper into this strange new world.

Edenwood #1



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