DUNE: House Atreides #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

Art by Dev Pramanik

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: With control of the spice as the ultimate prize, the houses of the Imperium jockey for position and power.

Baron Harkonnen finds that mining of the spice Melange is harder than he imagined when strange readings lead to a devastating loss in production. One that will get the attention of the Padishah Emperor. The emperor himself has called in an eminent planetologist to send to Arrakis to learn more about the phenomenon that is causing havoc to the production of spice. Unfortunately for the emperor, there are other things he has to worry about as forces plot against him both abroad and closer to home.

On planet Caladan, House Atreides celebrates its history while the Duke prepares to send his son Leto to planet Ix to learn about the imperium. As a massive celebration is thrown to show the Duke’s strength and celebrate his son’s departure, the emperor’s son Shaddam plots for his future on the throne.

The Story: Herbert and Anderson bring this world to life with interesting characters, intrigue and spectacle. This is a big story with a lot of moving parts, but the writers do an excellent job of making it relatable, interesting and fresh. The political and personal intrigues are done well and the fact that the story is a prequel allows the reader to become immersed in the world and the characters anew.

The Art: Dev Pramanik brings a unique look and style to this issue. There is great action throughout and both the characters and lush backgrounds look amazing. I found myself impressed with the ship designs as well.

DUNE: House Atreides #1



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