DuckTales17_cvrADucktales #17


Written by Joey Cavalieri

Art by Ciro Cangialosi, Danilo Loizedda, Cristina Stella and Luca Usai

Colors by Guiseppe Fontana and Dario Calabria

Letters by Tom B Long

Scrooge McDuck has a personal mystery on his hands and it’s going to drive him crazy until he solves it.


When his archivist Ms. Quackfaster brings him a journal that is missing a week, Scrooge immediately wants answers. After finding a mysterious snow globe that he can’t account for, his desire to solve the mystery only increases and the only person who has the answers he’s looking for is Mrs. Beakley.

Beakley takes Scrooge on a road trip and explains that the reason he can’t recall the missing week is because she erased it from his memories. The week contained his first and only failure and the trauma of that event ate away at Scrooge. With his memories restored, Beakley takes him to the scene where he can finally confront the architect of that failure, a former agent named Cactus Jack.

This is a fun and well paced comic adventure. It hits all the marks with the humor, tone and pacing. Joey Cavalieri writes this issue like an episode of the animated series and the way it’s laid out, I could easily see this as an episode. The story isn’t overly complicated and the ending is well done. A fun standalone story.

The art is great. Everything looks like an animated cell from the series and everything works from the characters to the detailed backgrounds.

Ducktales #17




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