Pearl #6

DC Comics/ Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Micheal Gaydos

Letters by Joshua Reed

In what can be described as the weirdest standoff ever, Pearl, Ricky Miike and the Endo Twins are standing in Miike’s office in the aftermath of Pearl introducing Ricky to the man.


In the aftermath of that tense situation, Pearl does something bold in order to escape with Ricky. A move that surprises the young man she’s falling for. Not really understanding what happened or what is going to happen next, Ricky and Pearl travel to visit Pearl’s father in prison. she confronts the man with what she knows and he blows her mind with a revelation about her mother that could upend Pearl’s entire existence, especially her relationship with Miike.

For all of the build up, the conclusion felt abrupt. Normally that would be a bad thing, but in this instance, it actually works to keep the momentum going for the characters as well as fan interest in seeing what happens to them. Bendis is great at pacing this comic and bringing it to a satisfying conclusion that opens the door to so much more to come for these characters and their world. The revelations about Pearl’s mother creates endless story possibilities and the way this story ends leaves the reader to speculate on what impact that revelation will have on Pearl, Ricky, Miike and everyone else.

Gaydos’ art is stunning in this issue and throughout the series. Everything looks amazing.

Pearl #6




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