Fox is getting its X-Men shared universe in gear with a slate of films designed to bring the mutants of Marvel Comics back into the forefront.


With the success of Deadpool, Fox is going big with the sequel, currently filming. Bringing in characters like Domino and Cable mean that an X-Force film is guaranteed. according to multiple sources, Fox has tapped Drew Goddard to make that X-Force film a reality with Deadpool, Cable and Domino taking prominent roles alongside some new mutants. Goddard will write and direct the film which will feature the merc with a mouth leading a mutant black ops team of some of the most ruthless mutant heroes in the books against a shared threat.


Goddard is known for his writing on series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel along with writing the screenplay for the original Cloverfield, but his most recent work is what caught the attention of Fox. Goddard is the man who spearheaded and brought to life the first season of Daredevil on Netflix as well as writing the screenplay for the Oscar-winning film The Martian. X-Force will be the second feature he’s directed since 2012’s Cabin in the Woods.

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