Drawing Blood #2

Image Comics

Written by David Avallone and Kevin Eastman

Art by Ben Bishop, Kevin Eastman and Troy Little

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Books continues to live in his existential crisis while his world crumbles around him.

Books is going to realize that he can’t run from his problems, especially when one of those problems is the Lithuanian mobsters who want the money his former partner owed them. Mobsters who can’t seem to realize that his co-creation of a beloved comic series didn’t leave him with the money they’re after and his failing show is eating up everything he has left.

To make matters worse, a documentary film company is following him around as he deals with his downward spiral, but there are sparks of hope as a new singer has the potential to turn his show around. Unfortunately, his personal problems continue to threaten everything and an intervention from his famous creations doesn’t help.

The Story: Avallone and Eastman continue to craft an entertaining and often thrilling look at an interesting character dealing with his own personal issues. It is fun and compelling to see this character deal with situations both in and out of his control as he navigates the mess of his own life. It continues to be an engaging and fun story that keeps me engaged and interested.

The Art: All of the artists deliver fantastic visuals throughout the issue and I love the blending of art styles and how they all work together.

Drawing Blood #2



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