Count Crowley Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by David Dastmalchian

Art by Lukas Ketner

Colors by Lauren Affee

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

The Rundown: Jerri has an unexpected encounter and tries to exorcise a vengeful spirit.

Jerri finds herself at the mercy of a powerful vampire who traveled across the country to confront her about the death of Hubert. Their confrontation takes an unexpected turn with the vampire proving to be helpful in her hunt for the killer of children throughout the area. At the same time, Jerri finds herself dealing with an awkward date and her growing relationship with the strange cat she’s adopted.

As things in Jerri’s life continue to get weirder, her mentor decides to leave the nursing home in the dead of night to confront his former protégé and Jerri attempts to calm the spirit of the killer with an unusual ceremony that might cause more harm than good.

The Story: Dastmalchian continues to deliver an intense, entertaining and engaging story that is filled with surprises I wasn’t expecting, but thoroughly enjoyed. I love the way the story takes interesting twists and turns that lead to more compelling story beats that I want to explore with both Jerri and the world she’s becoming a part of. Amid the wonderful horror elements of the story, there are moments of heart that made me hopeful for Jerri as well as want to see more of her adventures.

The Art: Ketner offers some beautiful art in the issue that brilliantly captures the dark horror as well as the humor of the story. I continue to love the visual style of this series and how it handles the characters as well as the suspense.

Count Crowley Mediocre Midnight Monster Hunter #4



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