Dr. Strange Surgeon Supreme #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Kev Walker

Colors by Java Tartaglia and Antonio Fabela

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Doctor Strange’s dual lives continue to clash when his investigation leads a potentially dangerous reprisal.


As Strange battles a creature who has invaded his mystic forge, a patient waiting for emergency surgery begins to take a turn. While the hospital administrator waits for the surgeon to arrive, Stephen’s appearance prompts her to have a long discussion about his priorities as well as his time management.

In the course of their conversation, Strange reveals the truth about Anthony Ludgate and when an emergency at the hospital prompts them both to return, he will have to call on the former Avenger to help him deal with a magical trap designed to take out the entire hospital and everyone inside.

The Story: Mark Waid weaves and entertaining story that raises the stakes for both sides of Stephen Strange’s lives. Keeping his duties as a surgeon and sorcerer separate continues to be a plot point deftly explored in the pages of this issue and the series itself. The story picks up the pace dramatically and the tension is thrilling. Waid creates a story that is immersive and intriguing all the way through and I continue to be interested in how the story grows and evolves.

The Art: Kev Walker delivers some beautiful visuals in this issue. From the first fight to the hospital drama, Walker fills the pages with gorgeous detail and each page has some impressive and dramatic moments.

Dr Strange Surgeon Supreme #4




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