Doom Patrol

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 2

Donkey Patrol

The first mission of the Doom Patrol ends in spectacular failure.

Not only do they lose the Chief and Crazy Jane, but the entire town goes through the hole with them.


In the aftermath, Larry and Rita decide to either hide or run, but Cliff wants to help. He begins stalking the donkey that seems to be the only other survivor beside them.

In Detroit, Cyborg is taking down muggers and generally, not using his abilities to their full potential according to his father. His father seems to be relegating him to auditioning for the Justice League. When he finds out Chief is missing, he heads to Ohio to help.

What he finds when he arrives is a mess and that’s not including Jane being regurgitated out of the donkey.


What follows is Jane doing everything she can to protect herself and what she discovered and that means lashing out at everyone. Unfortunately, her lashing out includes multiple personalities with multiple superpowers. It’s only luck that allows Cyborg and Cliff to finally trap her in her room.

As Cliff tries to learn about Jane in an attempt to reach her for answers, Cyborg convinces Rita to enter the donkey in an attempt to get information. They all get sucked in and Nobody explains to them the obvious trap that they find themselves in.


This was an exciting and emotional episode. The Robotman/Crazy Jane dynamic continues to be one of the most interesting relationships in the series. The introduction of Cyborg is handled extremely well and his arc has some interesting points already. Larry and Rita have some great moments in Nobody’s trap and Nobody continues to be one of the most compelling villains I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

Doom Patrol S01XE02




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