5749E27D-980C-4464-82FC-0AA3B0099D4EDomino #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

The softer side of mercenaries is always an interesting way to start any story and this one takes a lighter twist that seems to be a part of this new series. Domino finds herself trying to talk herself out of caring for the pet dog that she received as a gift. As she relays all of the reasons why having a pet is a bad idea (and subsequently relay the backstory and powers of the character herself), we’re taken to the events that led us to that moment as the real adventure begins.


In the Pacific Northwest, Domino and Outlaw are partnered up for a job busting a group of timber pirates (you read that right). As Neena moves in to take down the group, she realizes too late that it’s a setup and all hell break loose. There’s a great sequence that follows in which Domino has to deal with a killer meta, a speeding truck and the realization that her powers might keep her alive, but they don’t seem to mind hurting her badly in the process.

Domino decides to take the mutant back with her after he changes back and give him another chance. It’s a little out of the ordinary after it seems the only thing he did was shame Neena and Inez about how their mutations still make them look like models and his turns him into a monster, but I’ll play along. Especially when the next panel gives a pretty good reason for her decision and gives us a Domino birthday party complete with special guests including Neena’s ex-boyfriends, Dazzler and Deadpool.

I really like this first issue. The art is amazing and all of the characters look great along with some awesome action sequences and details. It does a great job of giving new readers a look back at the character, fans of the character a call back to some of her past adventures and future readers of this series some interesting stakes in the form of a mystery that could end Domino’s luck once and for all.

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