Wolverine: The Long Night

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Season 1 Episode 6

“Archaeology of the Night”

The latest episode of the series begins with a sermon from the man Prophet about the lay lines located throughout Burns and how significant they are to The Aurora. Prophet lets us know that there is power beneath Burns that is getting ready to burst forward. A power that is responsible for the deaths in the town.

The day after the bear hunt, agents Marshall and Pierce make their way to the site of the final kill. After the town hauls away Brent Langrock’s kill, they leave the bear’s guts all over the clearing and the rocks. This gives the agent the opportunity to study what the bear ate and to confirm that this creature, as big as it was, was not responsible for murdering the two women and maiming the third victim, Dinah Moses.

Pierce goes to visit Dinah in the hospital and discovers that she did speak before she went into a coma. She screamed about claws.

Marshall goes to visit the brother who brought Dinah into the hospital and after some negotiating, is taken to meet Dinah’s young son Johnny. Apparently Johnny is a witness to the attack and his recollection is on something huge that attacked his mother and was finally scared off after being shot by Dinah trying to survive the attack. Pierce also gets a recording from Mallory’s phone with Logan confirming he’s the one responsible for the attack on the Langrock truck Mallory was loading. As she and Deputy Bobby explore the forest, they make a discovery that is significant.


The audio of the attack on Dinah leads me to a theory that I’ve been holding onto from the first episode. I think that the killer is a classic Marvel monster and something that Logan has run into on several occasions; Wendigo. The curse of the Wendigo has effected several different people in the Marvel universe and the curse is linked to the Inua people. With one of the subplots of this series being about the Langrock’s purchasing Inua land to cut down old growth trees, the Wendigo becomes a more viable suspect in these attacks.

Who is hosting the Wendigo is another mystery. While it would be easy to believe that Brent Langrock is the creature, I find myself more drawn to his quiet brother Hudson might be the creature.


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