720148._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Doctor Strange #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Jesus Saiz

Letters by Cory Petit

Doctor Strange takes on the relentless fury of a new and expanding threat; gentrification.

Ten years ago, Falston Realty attempted to purchase the neighborhood that contains the Sanctum Sanctorum. When the head of the company visits Strange and insists on speaking with him about his offer, Stephen gives him a tour of the home that he will never forget.


Five years later, the company returns with a more aggressive offer for the people of the neighborhood and Stephen decides to intervene with them in a way that puts the new owner on a collision course with the law.

As the years go on, more attempts are made and Stephen must find more clever ways to dissuade them until he gets a visit from the real owner of the company; a demon who is invades the Sanctum convinced that there is something of value that Stephen is hiding inside. Something he’s guarding that prevents him from selling the house. As Stephen takes on the creature, he reveals the real reason he stays and it’s something completely unexpected.

I loved this issue. I loved the self-contained aspect of it as well as the pace and dialogue. Waid does a great job of building the conflict and drama in this issue while keeping the tone relatively light and fun. Both the satisfying end of Strange’s fight and the surprise reveal at the end of the issue make this story an excellent reminder of how interesting and dynamic a character Doctor Strange can be.

The art is breathtakingly detailed and clean. There are so many great moments in this book that are conveyed by Saiz through a glance or subtle facial expression. A thoroughly entertaining and visually stunning issue.

Doctor Strange #9




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