Killmonger #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Juan E Ferreyra

Letters by Joe Sabino

The making of an all too human monster begins in this first issue.

The beginning of this issue starts with the story that you know. Erik Killmonger leads an unsuccessful coup attempt on the throne of Wakanda. An attempts that leads him to his end. What happens after that is the creation of the man himself. You see the world shape young N’Jadaka into the man who calls himself Killmonger and that story is both brutal and tragic.


His quest for vengeance fuels all of his actions and even opportunities presented to him that could make his life and circumstances better get filtered through the prism of his own anger and fear. His meeting at MIT is the perfect example. Presented with opportunities that anyone else in his position would jump at, Erik decides to take a path that leads him to New York and a familiar face in the criminal underworld. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this character was added to this book because it gives context to what Erik is willing to compromise for his mission as well as showcase the wider Marvel universe as well.

Erik’s failure to get to Klaw and the subsequent back story of his family’s exile from Wakanda and connection to the criminal serve to enforce the tragic nature of this story as well as the stunning visuals from Juan Ferreyra. The contrast between the clear focus of Erik’s present and the wistful, dreamlike visions of his childhood memories are a great touch.

Hill has written an amazing first issue here. It’s brilliantly paced and plays out in a way where the reader can see the opportunities for Erik to turn around and choose a different path while we are engaged and invested in both the path he does take and the circumstances that led him to it. I am completely engaged in seeing where this story goes next.

Killmonger #1




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