Doctor Strange #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Javier Pina and Andres Guinaldo

Inks by JP Meyer, Andy Owens, Roberto Poggi and Keith Champagne

Colors by Brian Reber, Jim Campbell and Andrew Crossley

Letters by Cory Petit

Casey, still pretending to be Stephen Strange, coerces a homeless man in Atlantis to part with a magic talisman that he found. When the real Strange emerges, Casey unleashes the power of the talisman and almost destroys the city. Strange has to think quickly in order to stop her. At the same time, Kanna and Bats are trying to determine how the woman was freed from her captivity and who killed her captor. The investigation uncovers that Casey has been collecting some dangerous trinkets.

Stephen puts Kanna in charge of forging a weapon to stop Casey without hurting her and we learn more about her story. As Casey puts the next part of her plan into action by attacking an old woman for a mysterious scroll, Stephen stops her in order to talk to her and finds out who was behind her liberation as well as her impersonation of Doctor Strange.

Waid continues to create a compelling story for Stephen Strange and the people in his life. Making this story partly about the fall out of a decision, that Strange made gives the characters more purpose and gives the drama a more palpable feel as Stephen struggles to put things right while also trying to help a friend in trouble. It’s an engaging contrast from the struggling Stephen Strange who searched the cosmos for meaning in his quest to discover new magics.  It is also good to see his relationship with Kanna begin to evolve, at least on her end.

The art is well done in this issue. There are some beautiful visual moments between Strange and Casey in Atlantis as well as the fight at the end of the issue and the reveal in the final page. Everything visually worked with the tone of the story Waid was trying to tell.

Doctor Strange #7




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