Doctor Strange #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Jesus Saiz

Letters by Cory Petit

There’s so much interesting stuff going on in this issue that I almost feel that recapping it might spoil too much, but if the end of this issue is any indication of what’s to come, I don’t really know what I could be spoiling or what most of it means. We’ve been hearing the story of Stephen Strange and his adventures in outer space since the first issue and the way the story is being told becomes significant when you get to the end of the issue.

Stephen is working as hard as he can with the magical craftsman Eoffren to craft weapons and enchantments that are unique and completely his own. This is both the culmination of his journey to reclaim his connection to magic and to save Kanna from having to take the elf’s place making weapons for Roxnor. Through trial, error and determination, Stephen finally begins to forge a weapon unique to both his skills as a sorcerer and his past as a Doctor. He better finish and formulate a plan quickly because Roxnor has decided where he is going to test his first weapon, Earth.

I loved the build up in this issue and how it paid off both in the final act and in the shocking finale. Waid does a great job with the pace of this story and with the previous issues as well. The fact that the twist at the end of this issue brings a direct connection to the narrator of this story is definitely executed well and really brings a lot of story elements into focus and clarity. It got my attention and held it, making me ask questions about this story that I hadn’t considered and made it an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Jesus Saiz delivers some awesome action and detail in the art. It was beautifully rendered and did a great job of complementing the story. I also marveled at the great contrast between the vibrant colors and the excellent use of shadow.

Doctor Strange #5




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