BlackBadge_002_A_Main-675x1024Black Badge #2

Boom! Studios

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Tyler Jenkins

Colors by Hilary Jenkins

Letters by Jim Campbell

In the Siberian mountains, a train moves through the snow-covered landscape and located in an isolated car are the Black Badges. After a successful mission in Korea, the crew finds themselves on another mission in the heart of the Russian wilderness. As they go over their next mission, enjoying the seclusion of two empty cars, they are interrupted by another group of scouts called the Young Canadian Mounties.


As Kenny takes their leader aside to talk over the situation, the rest of the team wonders how they are going to pull off their mission with company. When Kenny decides to blow the last cars and take the team to complete their mission, we find out that there is more to the Young Canadian Mounties than meets the eye and there is another agenda behind the Black Badge’s mission.

I continue to be impressed with how immersive this story is. I really found myself engaged in the story and the characters and wanting to know more about them at the same time wanting to keep a level of mystery about who they are what their agenda truly is. There are secrets on top of secrets with this group and Kindt does a great job with the tone of this issue. Everything is matter of fact and the audience is expected to keep up because the plot is not stopping.

Tyler Jenkins does impressive work with the art and the style adds to the gritty, but innocent tones of the story itself. I really enjoyed the backgrounds in this issue and the art gives a real sense of space when rendering things like the woods and mountains. Continues to be an interesting premise that holds my attention.

Black Badge #2




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