DIE #14

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: As Ash’s plan to save both worlds begins in earnest, dark news threatens to derail their plans to escape.

Ash’s army prepares for battle and she must play her role in order to inspire the troops to war. Her plan to distract the armies of Eternal Prussia will require both forces to draw the troops away from Glass Town to give Matt’s team time to destroy the forge. In the first volley of attacks, Ash’s son is injured and sent home to update her on the battle just as Isabelle is contacted by one of the gods who is intent on calling in her debt. A debt that must be paid or Isabelle suffers. One that requires the disclosure of  a secret.

At the same time the armies clash, Matt and his group reach the borders of Glass Town and are met with little resistance. As the three old friends discuss who they are as parents in the real world, they find themselves in the city and preparing to take down the forge. When the secret is finally revealed, it sends Matt into a fury. One that not only accomplishes what they needed, but will have devastating effects on the party and potentially Ash’s life.

The Story: Kieron Gillen makes this issue all about consequences. Ash’s short sighted decision making is having ripple effects throughout the lives of her friends and Matt will feel the brunt of that decision in a twist that is masterfully executed. The story draws you in and there are some deeply emotional moments throughout that flesh out these characters and make them more three dimensional. I was impressed with the depths this story takes and the cliffhanger at the end is both earned and exciting.

The Art: Stephanie Hans delivers some beautiful art in this issue. From the war scenes to Matt’s explosion of power, the visuals in this issue are breathtaking.

DIE #14



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