Detective Comics #1082

DC Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Riccardo Federici and Stefano Raffaele

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Batman continues his time in the desert as Montoya continues her investigation into a murder.

Bruce continues to see visions of Gotham changed by his actions through the illusions of Hurt. Unfortunately, he cannot fight against the visions or his constant battles against the creature he faces daily. After dealing with one scenario, he is transported to another where different choices cause equally disastrous results and Talia discovers someone in the desert.

At the same time, Montoya continues her investigation into the death of a fellow officer and sees that there is still a bat operating in a city that has forgotten Batman.

The Story: Ram V continues to craft an interesting and thought provoking story for Bruce in this issue. Challenging the mission of the character is an engaging way to evolve him and his narrative. There are some interesting character moments throughout the issue and I really enjoyed seeing the story split between Bruce’s mission of self discovery and Montoya’s mission to uncover a murder in a city without Batman’s memory.

The Art: Federici and Raffaele deliver beautiful art in the issue. I love the otherworldly look of the Batman story complemented by the gritty, brilliantly detailed Montoya story.

Detective Comics #1082



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