Detective Comics #1071

DC Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Stefano Rafaele, Ivan Reis and Eduardo Pansica

Inks by Stefano Rafaele, Danny Miki, Joe Prado, Julio Ferreira and Juan Castro

Colors by Brad Anderson and Adriano Lucas

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Batman prepares to move against the Orghams after learning the dark truth of their past.

As the Orgham’s prepare for the grand opening of their building in Gotham, Batman and his allies prepare to take on the organization and free the people they’ve kidnapped. At the same time, Barbara wants answers about what Bruce and Talia discussed that caused him to accelerate his plans.

Bruce learns more of the truth about the Orgham family and their connection to Ras Al Ghul. A connection that will lead to betrayal and vengeance. At the same time, the Queen learns that she has a visitor. One who is looking for something taken a long time ago. Someone who might be more dangerous than the Orghams or Batman know.

The Story: The story gets more intense as the events in the city continue to culminate. Ram V does a great job of both keeping the reader anticipating what happens next while also weaving a great backstory to the events that bring in unexpected and welcome elements. As interesting as the story continues to become, I find myself worried about the narrative straying too far outside the grounded reality of Batman’s world.

The Art: All of the artists deliver some beautiful, dark and evocative images throughout the issue that brilliantly capture the tone of the story.

Detective Comics #1071



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