2DC145A8-0006-4AB1-AE51-0CD0BCBC4191Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #300

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Adam Kubert and Juan Frigeri

Colors by Jason Keith

The last issue revealed that The Tinkerer has been hiding in plain sight this whole time as his “brother” is actually a sophisticated robot that the criminal has been hiding inside. He’s shut down the tech of the world’s superheroes and augmented the villains with a trapped Spider-Man surrounded by foes like Boomerang and Shocker.


What they fail to realize is that heroes are more than their tech and the combined forces of Black Panther, Falcon, Human Torch and Hawkeye go on the attack using nothing but their skills. Spider-Man frees himself in time to rescue Ironheart and Riri helps Peter locate Teresa when he realizes what’s happening.

Peter makes his way to the Tinkerer just in time to find a rescue Teresa with the help of Jameson and Betty Brant but not before the intervention of the rogue SHIELD agents that have been hunting them both and the intervention of a new threat that requires Spider-Man and the heroes he’s working with to seek the help of Doctor Doom.

This is a dense story that moves at a really great pace. So much is happening in it that writing anymore about the plot would spoil the story and it is one that is worth reading. If you’ve been following this comic, then you’re going to be rewarded with some great moments of both action and humor and a story that has some interesting layers to it that might not have been seen during the initial read. I really like the fact that the characters are given time to discover parts of the puzzle on their own and that Peter is given moments to be the scientist that he’s always been.

The art is great to look at as well. Many of the panels have rich details that pop with the color. I especially love the action sequence between Whiplash, Ironheart and Spider-Man. It had some great energy on the page and there are moments like that throughout the issue. It’s definitely worth reading.

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