Despicable Deadpool #292

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Matteo Lolli

Colors by Ruth Redmond

Anyone expecting this issue to be overtly funny or a means for Wade to cleverly wiggle his way out of killing the people Stryfe has contracted him to murder is going to be disappointed. His first victim is going to be the current ex-girlfriend of Cable, Irene Merryweather. Lest you think there is some kind of intervention from anyone, think again. Deadpool goes to the Daily Bugle and straight murders Irene publicly to the point where her death is on the front page of the paper. After getting the second name on Stryfe’s hit list, Deadpool decides that he’s going to take out some aggression on the person he feels is responsible for Wade’s pain.


After talking to Bob, Wade finds out the location where “Stevil” Rogers is being kept. He goes to visit the former HYDRA Steve to hash out some grievances. Steve calmly explains to Deadpool his position and how he won’t help Wade clear his name. A moment that causes the merc to question whether the world is insane. The one thing they both agree on is that they mutually hate Maria Hill. As Deadpool tries to escape, after leaving a little reminder to Hydra Steve, he runs into some guards that aren’t completely useless.

As stories go, this one works for me. I really enjoyed the back and forth between Steve and Wade. Their tension is well done on the page both in the dialogue and in the art. It’s interesting to see Wade’s continued descent and the fact that he is living up to the title of the book. Duggan has done a great job of putting Deadpool in a situation where there are no easy exits and no clever escapes. I would like to see how this gets resolved for Wade and more importantly, the people he’s targeting.

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