527F3A8A-7F92-482A-A768-78E0602BEE08Phoenix Resurrection #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Joe Bennett

Inks by Lorenzo Ruggiero

Jean Grey’s peaceful, small town life is getting more complicated every day. This time, she’s piloting a space shuttle as it crashes into the water. As the cockpit begins to fill with water, Jean finally wakes up in the aisle of her local grocery store. Terrified of what just happened, she tries to escape the store, but can’t get her car to start. In New York, a father and son fishing trip takes a nasty turn when an entity emerges from the water as the X-Men team of Kitty Pryde, Beast, Old Man Logan, Dani Moonstar and young Cyclops make their way through a familiar cemetery to discover something they all hoped wasn’t true.


Jean is trying to get things together when she takes her car to the local shop to get fixed and is greeted by the local mechanic who is all kinds of familiar. In fact, he is the most blatant call out the fact that something is off with this town. When he gets a little too familiar with Jean, she lashes out violently and when she sees that his injuries have vanished, she starts to sense something is wrong. With all of the psychics down and Cerebro not working, Kitty must make a decision to go see someone she doesn’t to try to find a way to track Jean. This bring her face to face with Emma Frost.

As Jean’s destiny finally reveals itself, Kitty and her team face something completely unexpected.

The Phoenix Resurrection story continues to interest me as a fan of the X-Men and the arc that brought this character to life. Rosenberg has crafted a story that moves without feeling rushed and every moment makes you want to examine what it means and what it could mean in the future. Every character reveal is a genuine surprise and it is interesting to see who has been incorporated into Jean’s world and what purpose they serve. The art by Bennett is dynamic and I love the composition of panels that he uses. They move the story well and give some awesome visual flair.

Pics courtesy of Comixology


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