580057._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Despicable Deadpool #290

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Scott Koblish

Colors by Nick Filardi

Like the cover suggests, Cable dies in this issue but because it’s a Deadpool comic, that can be interpreted in any number of ways. Deadpool takes Cable to one of his safe houses and it is uniquely Deadpool in both location and design. As Cable reckons on a plan to both appease Stryfe and get Wade off the hook, we get to see the conditions Deadpool is living in post Secret Empire. Cable calls a future version of himself and requests a meeting. Wade discovers that there is a gruffer version of Cable in the world and immediately makes an impression on him.


I enjoyed the fact that Wade attempts to convince Cable to go back in time and stop Captain America and Nathan’s quick refusal. It was a funny moment that fans should enjoy. Old Man Cable gives them a date and time to meet and the pair find themselves in the year 2084 in a world overrun by Vampires and they need to get to Penn station before nightfall. Deadpool blames Blade for the outbreak and the Vampires have another explanation.

The pair make their way to the station and find themselves among a pretty exclusive group of warriors from across the multiverse that all have their own unique missions across space and time. After making a final decision, Wade and Nathan travel to the end of the universe in order to confront someone with a specific need and connection to them both. Nathan knows that the two of them are going to have to do something extreme in order to not only get Stryfe off Deadpool’s back, but to find out what the clone’s newest plan is.

While it’s easy to dismiss the light tone of a Deadpool book, there is a pretty deep and rich story to be had in this particular arc. Wade has been put through the ringer lately and the consequences of his actions are actually compelling. I can’t wait to see what happens between Wade and Stryfe and Cable and Stryfe when they finally meet again. I’m also keenly interested in how Wade will find a new normal (or how normal Deadpool can get) when and if he gets out of this current jam he’s in.


Pics courtesy of Comixology

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