579962._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Amazing Spider-Man #792

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott 

Story by Dan Slott & Mike Costa

Art by Ryan Stegman

Colors by Brian Reber

Peter finds himself stuck between Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson at Archemax and he needs to know who he can trust. Eddie has reunited with the Venom symbiote and Flash has been imbued with a new Anti-Venom symbiote. As Brock and Flash fight it out, Spider-Man is trying to contain the damage. Flash manages to separate Venom from Brock and contain it as Peter contains Eddie. After getting Venom back, Flash takes off with Spider-Man in pursuit.


Meanwhile, at The Black Cat’s Club, Hammerhead and some other minions are doing their best to appease an angry Felicia Hardy, who needs to pay tribute to the five families. When former Venom Lee Price decides to bust in and take over Cat’s operation, he seems to be sporting some new powers. Peter takes Flash to Bobbi’s apartment as Flash tries to convince him that the symbiote has changed based on the good he’s done as an Avenger and Guardian of the Galaxy. Peter is cautious, considering his history with the symbiote.

Black Cat’s forces are taking a beating from Price and his goons who seem to have a new version of the symbiote that he is using to bring people under his control, including Hammerhead and Scorpion. Eddie is set free and realizes that his brush with the Anti-Venom has severed his tie with the symbiote. As Peter and Flash go on the hunt for the rest of the Venom symbiote, they find themselves up to their necks in symbiotes and they might not get out alive.

The second part of the Venom crossover does a good job of continuing the story and dealing with Peter’s role in it. Venom continues to be the thorn in Peter’s side for a reason and his guilt over what the symbiote has done continues to push him to find a way to stop its menace forever. What’s interesting is seeing how Flash’s relationship to the symbiote has evolved, which forces Peter to change his view slightly. Whatever Price’s role in this sage turns out to be, it will hopefully serve as a means of clearing the decks of previous Venom hosts and making a final decision on who should be Venom and what that mantle means going forward.


Pics courtesy of Comixology

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