Demon Days: X-Men #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Peach Momoko

Art by Peach Momoko

Adaptation by Zack Davisson

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: A village plagued by monsters will find a new champion willing to help.

After years of peace between the humans and the Oni, the Oni have come down from the mountains to raid human villages once again. As an Oni warrior steals food, a young girl named Tsuki is determined to do something to stop it. She rushes out into the night to confront the creature and it leaves. The next day, a sword for hire and her companion Logan come to town looking for a warm bed and offer their services to stop the raids.

The warrior gets to work right away when the great snake Venom attacks the village. Tsuki rides off to drive the creature away as Sai meets with one of the Oni to find a way to bring peace back to the area. As the creature rages, an alliance between the villagers and the Oni might be the only thing that can save them both.

The Story: A beautifully crafted and engaging story from Peach Momoko. The plot is entertaining and the characters have a fresh spirit to them as the story progresses. Momoko takes the time to tell the story organically without rushing from moment to moment and I appreciate the subtlety and tone as the world is given room to emerge and become immersive to the reader.

The Art: Peach Momoko does some brilliant work with the art in the issue. The style is beautiful and perfectly matches the tone of the story. The action is also filled with great energy.

Demon Days: X-Men #1



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