Hellions #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Stephen Segovia

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: The team is captured by Arcade who has some interesting new ways to toy with them.

Arcade has captured the Hellions and is holding them in a new virtual Murderworld where he gives them the chance to live out their fantasies including giving Psylocke a peaceful existence and Wild Child the ability to be the leader of the pack. At the same time, he tortures Sinister to get something he needs for the next iteration of his facility.

As the mutants live out their virtual fantasies, Psylocke discovers something wrong with world. Something that will force her to reach out to another member of the team. With two members of the team coming out of their dreams, Arcade decides to turn them into nightmares. Nightmares that can kill.

The Story: Wells crafts an entertaining story in this issue. The plot is well done and the dialogue stands out. The exchanges between Arcade and Sinister are hilarious. The story has great moments throughout and make me interested in seeing how the characters will make it out of the fantasies they’ve been trapped in.

The Art: Stephen Segovia delivers some great art in this issue. The characters look amazing and the action has a visceral quality to it that is perfect for the tone of the series.

Hellions #10



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