Deep Beyond #8

Image Comics

Written by Mirka Andolfo and David Goy

Art by Andrea Broccardo

Colors by Barbara Nosenzo

Letters by Maurizio Clausi

The Rundown: After the disappearance of Hermes Rockmorton, Jolene and her crew must find a way to escape imprisonment.

Jolene and her crew are held in confinement and questioned by the law enforcement of New Earth. Paul soon discovers he is able to leave their holding facility. He then finds himself in an unusual location and discovers something strange. Meanwhile, the rest of the team must face their captors. Paul then rescues his compatriots with some unexpected help. Finally, a deadly confrontation creates chaos for the team.

The Story: Andolfo and Goy continue to create interesting twists and turns in this futuristic saga. I really like how the stakes in this series feel very real. The constant danger the characters find themselves in is intense and exciting. The mystery of the overarching interplanetary conspiracy is constantly dangled in front of the reader, as well as Jolene and her team. I appreciate how the authors are able to use this methodology as a tool of engagement and investment. It definitely makes me feel part of the narrative.

The Art: This issue is highly detailed with a color scheme featuring a variety of pastels. The hues change with the location and characters to convey the varying moods and intensity of the scenes. As always, I am impressed with the way this series depicts landscapes and alien life forms. The illustrations here are eye-catching and transportive.

Deep Beyond #8



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