Deadshot Solo Film in Development Alongside Suicide Squad Sequel

In a move no studio exec with half a brain would not have pounced on, Warner Brothers is developing spin-off films starring the “worst heroes ever” according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Following the news that Suicide Squad director David Ayer would be directing Margot Robbie in a Harley Quinn spin off film called Gotham City Sirens, there is word that Will Smith is in talks to reprise his critically praised performance as Assassin and Batman villain Deadshot in a solo movie.


While no script has been written and no director named, it’s almost a forgone conclusion that, even though the movie was panned by critics, any movie that took home $745 million was going to get a slew of sequels and spin-offs. Although I won’t be holding my breath (pun intended) on a Killer Croc solo film happening any time soon.

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