In 1965, television prioneer Irwin Allen introduced viewing audiences to the adventures of the Robinson family on the series Lost in Space. The show ran until 1968 and spawned a less than successful film version in 1998 starring William Hurt and Gary Oldman.


Netflix is bringing the Robinson family back as a series and they are in full swing with casting.


The latest addition to the cast is Ignacio Serricchio taking the role of Don West in the series. While little is known about the show at this point, the character of Don West is traditionally a Major in the military who is assigned to pilot the Robinson’s ship Jupiter 2. He is also the family’s protector, who is romantically linked to the Robinson’s oldest daughter Judy. Ignacio Serricchio is known for his roles on Witches of East End and Bones.

The remaining cast has also been announced for the series.



Toby Stephens has been cast as family patriarch John Robinson. Stephens is known for his rolesas Captain Flint on Black Sails and the movie The Machine.





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Molly Parker joins the cast as John’s wife Maureen. Parker is known for her role as Jackie Sharp on House of Cards as well as Dexter and Deadwood.








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Taylor Russell has been announced as Judy Robinson, the family’s eldest daughter. Russell recently starred in the series Falling Skies.









Mina Sundwall has been cast as Penny Robinson, the family’s second child. Sundwall recently starred in the movie Freeheld.









Max Jenkins has been cast as the Robinson’s youngest child Will Robinson. Jenkins recently starred in Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping and Sense8.







Rounding out the cast is actress Parker Posey taking on the role of the villainous Doctor Smith. Smith is a sabatour, who gets trapped aboard the Jupiter 2 before take off and has been portrayed as the foil for the family, often causing the issues or conflicts that the Robinson’s have to overcome in addition to saving Smith’s life. Posey has starred in films like Superman Returns and A Mighty Wind.




No word yet on whether the new series will utilize one of my favorite characters from the original series, the Robot. In both the series and the 1998 movie, the Robot’s voice was provided by Dick Tufeld. Tufeld died in 2012, but his work continues to live on. He was the announcer and narrator for shows like Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and Thundarr the Barbarian.


While details of the new series are still under wraps, it will be executive produced by Zack Estrin (Prison Break) and written by Matt Sazama (Power Rangers 2017) and Burk Sharpless (Gods of Egypt)

The series is slated for a ten episode run on Netflix in 2018.

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