Deadpool #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Alyssa Wong

Art by Martin Coccolo

Colors by Neeraj Menon

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Deadpool continues his mission to kill Doc Ock even with a symbiote trying to rip its way out of him.

Wade is running into a bit of an issue on his audition to become part of an elite assassin organization. Several in fact. After escaping from the Harrower’s lab, he finally makes it to Doctor Octopus’ lab only to find his attempts to kill him thwarted by the Harrower and the emerging symbiote she infected him with. To make matters worse, another assassin comes on the scene with a gripe of her own.

Deadpool conveniently forgot that he has teamed with Lady Deathstrike for the audition and she is not happy with being ghosted while he works alone. After mending fences temporarily, the pair try to complete their mission, but the symbiote has other ideas and forces Deadpool to make a potentially costly and dangerous decision.

The Story: Fun, often funny and big on spectacle and action, Wong delivers an entertaining story for Deadpool fans. There is a lot going on and I love how all of the story elements come together in interesting and unexpected ways. I love how Deathstrike is introduced in the story and how it signifies what an unreliable narrator Deadpool in his own story.

The Art: Beautifully detailed and filled with chaotic fun, the art in the issue is definitely a highlight. Coccolo manages to visually thrill throughout while mixing in great visual gags.

Deadpool #2



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