DCeased Dead Planet #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Trevor Hairsine

Inks by Gigi Baldassini

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Saida Temfonte

The Rundown: The surviving heroes will find that not only are there other concentrations of survivors on the planet, but not all of them are looking to help.


In the aftermath of the the spread of the Anti-Life infection, heroes continue to help however they can and some pay for that help with their lives. When a new team of heroes arrives, they do their best to help how they can, but Swamp Thing has a message for his old friend John Constantine.

With another stronghold seemingly in danger, the team splits to check it out while the others transfer the survivors to Ivy’s garden. When the Justice League arrives with an injured Jon and an infected Oliver, Cyborg must convince everyone there that a cure exists if they can work together to find it.

As the magical heroes converge on an island citadel cut off from the rest of the world, they discover that there are more survivors there and they are not friendly.

The Story: Tom Taylor makes a point of telling the reader that no one is safe in this issue. The story does a great job of letting the reader know that the story isn’t over and that the fight continues across the ravaged world. We also get to see a new point of conflict. One that has been gratefully hidden in order to maximize the tension the reader is feeling towards the end of this book. The story gets more intense with this issue and the cliffhanger at the end was both awesome and unexpected.

The Art: Trevor Hairsine delivers another issue filled with intense and beautifully drawn moments. Not only does the art perfectly capture the tone and mood Taylor is trying to set, but there are some intensely scary moments throughout and the ending panels are breathtaking.

DCEASED Dead Planet #2




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