DCeased #6

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Trevor Hairsine and Neil Edwards

Inks by Stefano Gaudino

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Saida Tremofonte

The Rundown: It is time to evacuate the planet and the survival of humanity has one big blue problem standing in its way.


Superman is the latest to become infected and his determination to destroy will consume city after city. With the remaining heroes working to evacuate the rest of humanity on the arks they’ve created, a small cadre of heroes including Wonder Woman and Damian Wayne work to stop him.

Utilizing the two things that Superman is vulnerable to, Wonder Woman crafts a weapon designed to end the threat of Kal once and for all. As she takes on the man of steel, the rest of the world deals with the rampaging hordes of the dead, including an invasion of Themyscira and an intervention in outer space.

The Story: There has been so much great build up to this finale. It’s taken some bold and interesting choices with both the heroes and the story. Unfortunately, the ending fell flat at several key moments. With everything that Taylor has been building in this series, I expected more from its ending and felt disappointed that moments that could have been profound and meaningful for characters were truncated for the sake of one-liners and a revelation that was meant to be tragic, but ultimately turned out to be stupid.

The Art: Hairsine and Edwards deliver some impressive art with some visually exciting moments throughout. I wish they had a better story to tell with the art though.

DCeased #6




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