Batman Annual #4

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Jorge Fornes and Mike Norton

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The diary of Alfred Pennyworth showcases the daily struggle it is being Batman.

Alfred pens a daily, often detailed description of the adventures of both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Both exciting and bittersweet, the man who raised the Dark Knight showcases everything from daring robberies to supernatural invasions as he chronicles the ever changing and always evolving adventures of Batman in Gotham City and beyond.


In the midst of the stories not only do we get several days in the life of the Dark Knight Detective, but we also get a look at the kind of small things that can affect Bruce both personally and professionally. There are stories of simple bravery, acts of kindness and understanding that show that there is more to Batman than a cape and cowl.

The Story: Tom King does an excellent job of making this annual something that showcases the character in new ways. The annual allows the reader to see that Gotham is an entity that Batman will always fight for and allows use to see the people that he is fighting for as well. Filled with big action and quiet moments, this annual reminds the reader of what Batman is about.

The Art: Jorge Fornes and Mike Norton do an excellent job with the art in this annual. The characters look great, the details and action are fantastic and the sequencing of the panels allows for both the big and small moments to carry equal weight on the page.

Batman Annual #4




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