James Tynion IV is putting the Dark Knight through the ringer in his latest storyline and leading up Joker War, things are going to get darker still.

Batman has lost so much recently and he is about to lose even more.




written by JAMES TYNION IV


Main cover by TONY S. DANIEL and TOMEU MOREY

The Joker/Punchline variant cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA

1:25 The Underbroker variant cover by JORGE JIMENEZ


“Their Dark Designs” reaches its thrilling climax in Batman #94, on sale Tuesday, July 7 and here’s your first look at interior pages by Rafael Albuquerque and Guillem March!

The Designer’s machinations have left Batman’s life in tatters! Gotham City’s ambitious rebuilding has skittered to a halt as  new powers are rising to shape its destiny—and Batman is powerless to stop them! With no Alfred or Bat-Family to lean on, the Dark Knight stands alone against the ascendance of his greatest adversary!

On Sale July 7th.

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