DC Comics Dark Matter Details Emerge

While its rival is taking their comics back to basics with their upcoming Marvel: Legacy series, DC Comics is looking ahead to the future of their universe after the events of the upcoming Dark Nights arc. With this look ahead, there are new books and new characters coming our way with some of the best creators in the business bringing them to life. Here are some of the titles that we can look forward to and the creators behind them. 

At C2E2, DC Comics revealed “Dark Matter” which will begin during the events of Dark Nights: Metal. This new initiative will introduce five new books to the universe that will start Fall 2017. DC Comics “Forged in Metal” booklet gave some basic information on what we can expect from these books and the creative teams overseeing them.


Dark Days: The Forge begins in June with the teams of Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV handling the story with art from Jim Lee, John Romita Jr. and Andy Kubert.

Dark Days: The Casting rolls out in July with Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV writing and Jim Lee, John Romita Jr. and Andy Kubert handling the artwork.

Dark Nights: Metal will be written by the team who reinvigorated the Batman title during their run of Scott Snyder writing and Greg Capullo providing the art.

After Metal, we get our first new books from the teams over at DC Comics.


In September, The Silencer debuts. The series will be written by Dan Abnett with art by John Romita Jr. It tells the story of Honor Guest, a highly trained assassin who trades in her old life for one in the suburbs with a family. When the ghosts of her past start to come after her in the present, she sheds her suburban persona to protect everything she’s built, especially her family.


Also in September is Sideways. The series will be written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan with artwork provided by Kenneth Rocafort. Forever changed by the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, a teenager struggles to live through high school as he comes in contact with Dark Matter and gains the power to teleport through the Dark Dimension. But each leap brings the new hero one step closer to succumbing to the allure of his new power and its dark origins.


October will see the debut of The Immortal Men. This series will be written by James Tynion IV with art provided by Jim Lee. Born at the dawn of time, five siblings find that with eternal life comes eternal war. As the forces of destruction march into the modern world, they operate from the shadows, recruiting the elite against the foes who seek to bring about Armageddon. They are humankind’s hope sprung eternal….they are the IMMORTAL MEN.


October will also bring Damage. The series will be written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Tony S. Daniel. Ethan Avery only wanted to serve his country, but promises of becoming the ultimate weapon leave the new recruit living a nightmare. Cursed with the ability to unleash an unstoppable monster for one hour at a time, Ethan only wants to live out his life in peace. But if he can tame the monster inside, it might just be able to do more good for the country than Ethan ever expected.


Rounding out the year by debuting in December will be The New Challengers. This is a new take on the classic Challengers of the Unknown and will be written by Scott Snyder with artwork by Andy Kubert. Characters live on borrowed time, running from death toward the greatest mysteries, wonders and terrors of the universe! It’s a new cast, new mission, but in conversation with the history and greatness of the original Challengers of the Unknown. The story starts with Challengers Mountain returning after having been missing for years, and only gets wilder from there…

DC Comics is taking a huge step forward with their universe by introducing new heroes and threats that will expand the DC universe and attract new readers along with the faithful. It’s shaping up to be an exciting time.

Tell me what you think. What do you think about Dark Matter? What would you like to see from the DC Comics universe going forward? Let me know in the comments below.

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