Dawn Runner #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Evan Cagle

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: A pilot fighting a dangerous war in the future finds her technology connected to something darker.

Humanity has been invaded by giant alien creatures and in the wake of devastating losses, the world has come together with the help of advanced technology created by powerful companies. One of those companies employs the one pilot who has the most kills against the alien menace and she is preparing to use its newest mech the Dawn Runner in its debut mission.

After connecting with the machine and heading off into a battle being televised to the world, Anita finds herself connecting with something else. Besides the machine she is bonded with, Anita begins to experience the memories of another pilot. Memories that could prove dangerous for them both.

The Story: Ram V delivers an intriguing and engaging first issue with this story. I loved many of the elements including the ones that seemed familiar to the genre and was incredibly surprised at the turn the story took when it executed the reveal towards the end of the issue. A great buildup with a satisfying payoff in its cliffhanger.

The Art: Cagle delivers beautiful art in the issue. The characters designs are fantastic and the action is visually stunning.

Dawn Runner #1



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  • Allen Francis

    March 23, 2024 - 3:15 am

    Anti-Kaiju mechs batting Central American Kaijus? sounds great to me……

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